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*Special of the month*

(The Duo) Therapeutic Massage with Custom Facial 

2 hours, $179 

What is Getting a Massage ?

Massage Therapy is manual, or hands on manipulation of soft body tissues (muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) by using specific techniques that include joint movements, kneading and percussion to name a few. Massage is beneficial for a wide range of special populations and ages while promoting blood flow and circulation throughout the muscular system of the human body. A common goal in sessions is to use techniques that help soften the muscle.  If you feel you experience a form of muscle tension buildup or restriction in some movements massage therapy can be a great approach to ultimately relaxing, stretching, and calming the muscles. 


 *(Each service includes hot towels and aromatherapy)*

Full body Therapeutic Massage

Designed and thoughtfully planned with your specific needs and muscular conditions in mind. During each consultation we establish treatment goals. Our signature modality targets the connective tissues, fascia, and fibers of each muscle group. The pressure applied can be deep tissue and yet relaxing with the goal of loosening knots and relieving chronic muscular dysfunction. Stretching will more than likely occur, paired with aromatherapy.


Neck Massage

 Treatment Packages

Buy smart and book conveniently in spa or online with our treatment packages. Save over $70 per every three massage sessions. Packages are designed to help clients reach their goals. I encourage clients to schedule sessions for every 2-6 weeks depending on the severity. This approach helps treatments remain effective as we work our way to a maintenance.

3 sessions $225    


Hot Stone Full Body Massage

 A luxurious massage with heated basalt stones used to massage the body.  The extra sensory of heat across the  arms, legs, and back melts away stress and helps relieve muscle tension and pain. This modality promotes sleep, and immensivly boost relaxation.


Black Stone Massage
Shot of beautiful young physiotherapist woman massaging tummy on pregnant woman on a stret

Maternity Massage 

Congratulations! As you embark on your pregnancy journey, my prayer is for optimum health for you and your baby. Massage during your pregnancy, or soon after helps relieve aches and stress that inevitably occur whilst your body expands and contours to protect your baby. Therapist are trained and certified to perform prenatal massage, with extra precautionary measures to ensure mom's comfortability and safety during the 2nd and 3rd trimester. 


Stones on Foot



 Gentle pressure on specific regions on the soles of the feet gives insight to unwanted stress within the body. This massage includes an OPI foot scrub and is a non invasive prerequisite as to what we should address during a therapeutic massage.  



Skin Care Services


Refining Facial

 This facial improves the appearance of your skin immediately by washing away impurities without stripping your skin's natural barrier. Enzyme exfoliate helps to resurface the skin and buff away dead skin cells which minimize blemishes and unclog pores. Treatment includes steaming to cleanse and extract blackheads along with hydrating mask and a.m serums.  


Aging Defying Facial

This facial uses products on the skin that are packed with powerful active ingredients that will fight the appearance of those unwanted lines and wrinkles. Reducing the signs of heavy aging by adding  a visual of plumpness to the skin, a more vibrant complexion and  hydration to the face.



Men's Facial

Facials for men are meaningful for shaving-related irritations or other conditions like skin sensitivity and dullness


Thorough Waxing

Upper Lower Lip $22

Women Areola Chest $29

Chin $25

Sides of Face $32

BrowShaping $29

Entire face $79

Underarms $35

Lower Legs $45

Bikini $55

Full Brazilian $70

Waxing Package (underarms, legs, brazilian) $130




Body Scrubs

Your arms, hands, legs, back and feet are exfoliated with our natural body polish and turns into a full body 90 minute massage leaving skin looking healthier and irresistibly smooth.

*contains pure, raw honey.


Sincerely Se’ Yauna Massage Therapy & Aesthetic Salon

1085 Fishinger Road, Suite 113 & 114, Columbus, OH 43221

Telephone: (614) 296 - 1511

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