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Christmas Presents

*Special of the month*

(The Duo) Therapeutic Massage with Custom Facial 

2 hours, $150 

What is Getting a Massage ?

Massage Therapy is manual, or hands on manipulation of soft body tissues (muscles, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) by using specific techniques that include joint movements, kneading and percussion to name a few. Massage is beneficial for a wide range of special populations and ages while promoting blood flow and circulation throughout the muscular system of the human body. A common goal in sessions is to use techniques that help soften the muscle.  If you feel you experience a form of muscle tension buildup or restriction in some movements massage therapy can be a great approach to ultimately relaxing, stretching, and calming the muscles. 


 *(Each service includes hot towels and aromatherapy)*

Full body Therapeutic Massage

(*MOST POPULAR*) Designed and thoughtfully planned with your specific needs and muscular conditions in mind. During each consultation we establish treatment goals. Techniques are combined to guide you to a harmonious state of being and probably drift you to sleep.

$80/ 75 minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

This modality targets deeper underlined muscles, fascia, and tissues. The pressure applied to the muscle during this session is more intense with the intent of  manipulating deeper into the belly of the muscle.  The purpose of this treatment is to release knots and relieve chronic muscular dysfunction.

$105/ 90 minutes


Hot Stone Massage

 A luxurious massage with heated basalt stones used to massage the body. The heat promotes a state of relaxation worth experiencing. 

$120/ 90 minutes

Sports Massage

Designed with professional athletes in mind due to the strenuous and repetitive motions in muscles and joints. This modality offers benefits such as assisted stretching and advanced techniques to increase range of motion and flexibility.

$120/ 2 hours



 Gentle pressure on specific regions on the soles of the feet gives insight to unwanted stress within the body. This massage includes an OPI foot scrub and is very convenient as you can be fully dressed. 

$80/ 60 minutes


Skin Care Services

Deep Cleansing Facial w/ Jelly Mask

 Beginning with our signature deep cleansing step  this facial improves the appearance of your skin immediately. Includes steaming to cleanse and extract along  with the appropriate exfoliate and mask for your skin needs and category. 

$105 / 90 minutes 

Aging Defying Facial

This facial uses products on the skin that are packed with powerful active ingredients that will fight the appearance of those unwanted lines and wrinkles. Reducing the signs of heavy aging by adding  a visual of plumpness to the skin, a more vibrant complexion and  hydration to the face.

$105 / 75 minutes

Men's Facial

Facials for men are specifically formulated to meet male needs often times shaving-related or over active combination skin. 

$80 / 75 minutes

Thorough Waxing

Upper Lip $12

Eyebrows $12

Women Chest $22

Arms $30

Chin $12

Sides of Face $27

Underarms $32

Lower Legs $42

Thighs $52

Bikini $40

Full Brazilian $65

Waxing Package (underarms, half legs, bikini)  $80




Body Scrubs


(*MY FAV*) This full body scrub leaves skin irresistibly smooth and revitalized

 90 minutes

*call to purchase

Sincerely Se’ Yauna Massage Therapy & Aesthetic Salon

1085 Fishinger Road, Suite 113 & 114, Columbus, OH 43221

Telephone: (614) 296 - 1511

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