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 Hello Everyone! I'm Se'Yauna. Thanks for coming to visiting today. I am an Ohio licensed massage therapist licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board as well as an Ohio licensed Aesthetician licensed by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology. I enjoy working with clients as their personal massage therapist and holistic health advocate. I was first truly inspired years ago while vacationing on a cruise ship. Today I am a proud graduate of Ohio College of Massotherapy.


My hope for our company is to spread awareness of Massage Therapy for its soothing and healing advantages to the body and teach how incorporating Massage Therapy into our lives is a healthy habit in striving for  holistic health. Established in  2013 in Akron, OH, the brand affiliations cross the spectrum of partnering with Akron Public Schools to  community activism. 


 What is special to me about this business is where I was inspired and all the many engagements with people. Once throughout my journey I was gifted  the remarkable opportunity to massage a 101 year old man (not the whole 60 minutes of course:) !


The reputation that I strive to have for Sincerely, Se'Yauna is a renowned uniqueness. From our amazing staff who focus on adding value and showing care to people lives, to being exceptional in infection control.  A remarkable experience awaits you . Thank  you for your interest in our holistic health and self care services.  


Sincerely, Se'Yauna

Sincerely Se’ Yauna Massage Therapy & Aesthetic Salon

1085 Fishinger Road, Suite 113 & 114, Columbus, OH 43221

Telephone: (614) 296 - 1511

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