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What a massage should be.

Meet Our Founder

My hope for Sincerely Seyauna Massage Therapy & Wellness Spa is to continue to grow and spread awareness of Massage Therapy for its soothing and healing advantages to the body and teach how incorporating Massage Therapy into our lives and throughout our communities simulates our individual 8 dimensions of health and wellness which are physical wellness, mental wellness, spiritual wellness, financial wellness, occupational wellness, environment wellness, intellectual wellness, and social wellness.   


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Cindy Zellefrow, 2022

I have been utilizing massage therapy to help ward off migraines for years, so have had a lot of experience with massage therapy. I have been struggling to find someone ever since, but yesterday was the answer to my prayers. My first appointment with Se'y more than met my standards for quality massage therapy. Her space was welcoming, relaxing, and very clean. She was well prepared and professional; asking good questions to assess my issues and focused on the big picture of what would be the best treatment plan to help me. She talked me through what she was finding as she began to work on my head, neck, shoulders, and back, and took notes about how my body responded to the different approaches she used (acupressure, trigger point, stretching, etc.). She was thorough and focused throughout the entire session. As a nurse and one who has utilized massage therapy for years, I have high standards. Se'y exceeded them. I purchased a package and look forward to the results I expect to get from working with someone as skilled as Se'y!

Hannah, 2017

Wow!!! I had an absolutely amazing experience getting a facial. Se'Yauna is professional and highly skilled. The studio smells fantastic, is very comfortable, and private. I will be going back to Se'Yauna

Angel Hipster, 2021
She's the only massage therapist I've had, out of the many I've gone through (massage envy, various wellness centers and holistic massage therapists), that felt like she really gets to the root of the muscle/skeletal issues and does an amazing job addressing it as best she can with every session. My neck pain headaches have gotten better, hips not as intensely painful and I don't feel like I'm 60 at age 40. It is definitely selfceare maintenance that can impact your daily life. 

Sincerely Se’ Yauna Massage Therapy & Aesthetic Salon

1085 Fishinger Road, Suite 113 & 114, Columbus, OH 43221

Telephone: (614) 296 - 1511

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